English Class Comes to Life on the Stage

In mid-January, Elmberg School hosted the actors of the Vienna English Theater’s School Tours program.

Our advanced students saw Hamlet by Clive Duncan, an adaption of Shakespeare´s famous tragedy. The ability for the cast of Hamlet to switch between multiple characters, while having each character be unique, is a skill that few have. The brilliance of this cast should be applauded and applauded some more. This modern adaptation of Hamlet proves that the Bard’s works are still able to entertain large audiences, while keeping true to itself.  

The show for our intermediate students was called Wild Weekend. The cast delivered an out of this world experience. The play produced a laugh out loud experience that brought tears of laughter to everyone who watched. The ability of this cast to produce such a rememberable performance is something that one can take with them as they have their own wild weekend, preferably in the wilds of Wales.

Veröffentlicht am 24.01.2019